June 22-24, Online!

Call for participation

We can’t wait to hear how you’d like to participate at SRCCON 2022! If you want to attend or take part in any way, this one form is where to let us know. If you’re curious about the program, check out our list of accepted sessions.

The deadline to propose a session has already passed, and we’ll keep this form open for attendees as long as space remains available. After we review your form, we will let you know whether you are invited to attend. If so, we will send a link so you can purchase a ticket to SRCCON 2022, with prices starting at $125 plus fees.

Please feel free to reach out to us at srccon@opennews.org with any questions. If you’re all set, the participation form is below!

Thanks for your interest in attending SRCCON! Do you have a colleague who you’d like to see join us June 22-24? Please ask them to apply! Personal recommendations are the best way to bring more people into this community, and your help reaching beyond our own networks is a key part of making sure SRCCON events are inclusive and representative.

If you have any questions, send them our way: srccon@opennews.org. Thank you!